Spring Reading List: Access Matters

Sonia Woodward By Sonia Woodward On April 16, 2018 Access & Inclusion
Welcome to our quarterly reading list! This time around, we’re sharing some personal disability stories that really bring to life why accessibility matters so much. Have a read and send us your thoughts at info@rickhansen.com or @rickhansenfdn.

“Making this world accessible for all who live in it is something that everyone should take an interest in. Because above all else, accessibility is about inclusion. It’s about realizing that everyone – regardless of their physical abilities – has the same heart and desire to participate in life.” Read about how the lack of access affects every aspect of Codi Darnell's life in Why Accessibility Matters 

“My wheelchair ― my disability ― isn’t what prevents me from living my life to the fullest. Other people do that.” Find out how in Disabled People Don’t Belong In Music Venues, Apparently by Ace Ratcliff.

“Non-disabled people — I urge you to start looking at public spaces, to look at entryways, interiors, exteriors. What facilities do they have to help disabled people? Are there flaws? Issues? If you find issues — speak up.”  Why should we make something "historic and pretty" accessible? in Accessibility vs. Aesthetic, by Lily Calder


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