September Reading List: Representation in the Arts

Alannah Johnston By Alannah Johnston On September 19, 2018 RHF News

It’s time for our quarterly reading list. This fall, we have curated a list of articles about representation and empowerment. In the media, art, film and fashion, people with disabilities are often missing from the story. However, representation matters, and every day works of art from talented artists with disabilities are becoming more prominent.

In Poetry Is a Way of Being in the World That Wasn’t Made for Us, Jennifer Bartlett compiles new works from 10 poets with disabilities. 

Ace Ratcliff muses on the roots of inaccessibility in science fiction in Staircases in Space: Why Are Places in Science Fiction Not Wheelchair-Accessible? Ratcliff speaks with a member of the Writers Guild of America from their Writers With Disabilities Committee about the work of improving inclusivity and representation for people with disabilities in film and television. 

Keah Brown’s Teen Vogue feature titled ‘What it's Like to Be a Disabled Model in the Fashion Industry’ profiles three models with disabilities and shares her own experience of living with cerebral palsy. The story is accompanied by stunning images and a video introducing the three models. 


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