Celebrating our 30th anniversary

Rick By Rick On March 21, 2015 Rick Talk
Thirty years ago today, I left Oakridge Mall in Vancouver with a small team of supporters and a huge dream to change the world. The next two years proved to be a true testament to the power of teamwork and the beginning of our journey to make a difference.

As March 21st, 2015 marks the start of the 30th anniversary of the Man In Motion World Tour, I can’t help but reflect on the miracle of that day, think about how far we have come and give thanks to the people who make our work today possible.

In 30 years, we have made an incredible impact. Through the Rick Hansen Foundation and our partnerships, we have improved the quality of life for thousands, contributed to better health outcomes and spread awareness for accessibility and the potential of people with disabilities.

However, our best work is yet to come.

I feel blessed every day to work with a team of smart, dedicated and talented individuals who are so passionate about improving the lives of people with disabilities. I am incredible grateful for our partners and supporters around the world who work together to accelerate our collective progress.

Today, there are more than one billion people living with some form of a disability, and the numbers are growing. Around the world, people with disabilities not only face physical barriers but also social, economic and attitudinal barriers.

In the next phase of our journey, I invite you to join us in creating a global movement to liberate the amazing potential of people with disabilities. By removing barriers, changing attitudes and engaging with communities and networks, we will inspire real change resulting in accessibility and inclusivity for all.

What can you do to help?

All global change begins with one person believing they can make a difference. Join our movement here and stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for your support!

Above image: Rick and Amanda Hansen.


Many thanks to the following people who helped start our journey 30 years ago. Who would have thought we'd be here all these years later and looking to the future with the same sense of excitement and optimism regarding the vision of RHF for the future. I'm so grateful for your support over all these years! 


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Rick Hansen is founder and CEO of the Rick Hansen Foundation and Canada's Man In Motion.

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