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From Where I Sit: Five Traits of a Meaningfully Accessible Building

September 29, 2018

One of the most common misconceptions I encounter when discussing accessibility is ‘I’m already accessible, because my building meets code’.

September Reading List: Representation in the Arts

September 19, 2018

It’s time for our quarterly reading list. This fall, we have curated a list of articles about representation and empowerment.

The Sound Of Silence

August 30, 2018

For as far back as I can remember, I have always had difficulty hearing. In school I’d be sitting in a classroom, trying to follow what was happening.

Accessible Tourism in Canada: Vacation Ideas for Travelers with Disabilities

August 3, 2018

For people with physical disabilities, travelling can be more daunting than rewarding, due to a lack of accessible tourist destinations and transportation methods.

Accessibility is what I’ve been fighting for my entire life

July 12, 2018

Laetitia Mfamobani is a professional woman with degrees in mathematics and political science. She’s also blind.

Disability and Diversity: Creating a Culture of Inclusion

June 26, 2018

What is diversity? According to Merriam-Webster,

From Where I Sit: Busting Five Myths of Universal Design

June 8, 2018

With roughly 20% of the population currently reporting as having a significant disability and 1,000 people turning 65 every day in Canada, the inescapable truth is that, in the new millennium, it i

Aiming to Become Canada’s Most Accessible Neighbourhood: CNIB’s BlindSquare Enabled Project

May 14, 2018

Imagine walking down the street in your community without being able to see what stores or restaurants are available.

Being accessible is good for business. Here’s why.

April 30, 2018

Everyone wants access. We want the freedom to move easily and safely through our own communities. We want to work, shop, play, and learn wherever we call home.

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