Accessible Cities Award

To celebrate the important work being done to improve access, and to showcase some of the best accessibility programs across the country, the Rick Hansen Foundation launched the Accessible Cities Award in the fall of 2016 to recognize municipalities – and the planners, developers, architects and builders they work with – for creating and building accessible places and spaces for people with disabilities.

Throughout the process, we learned so much about the incredible initiatives that cities across Canada are leading to promote universal access and improve the lives of people with disabilities and are excited to see the amazing work being done in the inclusive spirit of accessibility.

Among the cities that applied, we’re thrilled to announce the top three we’ve chosen to recognize for their progressive vision and policies, wide variety of accessibility improvements, and engagement and encouragement of their communities to be more inclusive - congratulations, Winnipeg, Richmond and Edmonton! Learn more about their strategies, activities, and accessibility resources.

So many cities across Canada are undertaking fantastic initiatives towards an accessible and inclusive Canada. Honourable mentions go out to Regina, Saskatchewan and Ajax, Ontario for their great work.

In addition, we’re honoured to induct these five places within Canada that exemplify best practices in universal access into our Circle of Excellence.

And for their overall efforts towards creating accessible and inclusive community spaces, honourable mentions go to Burlington, Ontario for its Community Gardens and the Municipality of Meaford in Ontario for the Meaford Hall Arts & Cultural Centre.