Professional Training

Become a Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility CertificationTM (RHFAC) Professional

Whether you’re a city planner, architect, general contractor, design-builder, or anyone interested in accessibility in the built environment, becoming an RHFAC Professional will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills needed to analyze a building or site for overall accessibility, and deliver professional RHFAC ratings of the built environment.

How to become an RHFAC Professional

  1. Complete the RHFAC Accessibility Assessor training course.

    Through interactive instructor presentations, in-class exercises, disability simulation experiences and group work, participants in this course will learn:

    • The impact of the social and physical environment on people with disabilities;
    • The relevant legislation, regulations, and standards needed when planning and executing an assessment;
    • The Universal Design principles and standards when planning and executing an assessment;
    • How to interpret and navigate a set of construction drawings; and
    • How to communicate and support assessment findings to clients, and prepare a recommendation report of the assessment findings, reflecting compliance and gaps related to relevant human rights and accessibility legislation, regulations, and Universal Design standards.

    See the list of upcoming training courses below.

  2. Pass the examination.

    After completing the course, participants will need to pass an examination developed by RHF and facilitated by CSA Group. With a successful result, participants will be officially designated as RHFAC Professionals. RHFAC Professionals are the only trained individuals that can conduct a RHFAC rating.

  3. Set up your professional listing on the RHFAC Registry.

     Visit the RHFAC Registry and enter your information to be publicly listed as an RHFAC Professional.

Upcoming Courses

To complete the RHFAC Accessibility Assessor training, please register directly with the below educational institution offering the course.

Institution Dates Location Link
Vancouver Community College April 9-20, 2018 Vancouver, BC Course information

If you have additional questions, please email