Stan Leyenhorst


RHFAC Professional Inclusive Design Specialist, Universal Access Design Inc.

Serviced Area(s): Canada, based in British Columbia

Designated RHFAC Professional since January 2018

email:   |   phone: 1-604-897-0643

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Stan offers an excellent combination of management skills, sales experience and knowledge on accessibility and universal design, including successfully completing a Universal Design Diploma through the IDEA Centre Continuing Education Program. He has spent the last several years focused on accessibility in the built environment, performing assessments, preparing and presenting recommendations, reviewing blueprints, crafting manuals, interfacing with project stakeholders, and educating designers, engineers, and other staff. In addition to his technical experience in this field, Stan brings decades of lived experience and a first-person user perspective, as a quadriplegic who has been using a wheelchair for the past 40 years. Stan is passionate about accessibility and universal design.  He believes that collaboration is essential to achieving the goals of inclusion, universal access and community engagement.

About Universal Access Design

Universal Access Design Inc. (UAD) is a company whose goal is access for everyone, everywhere, all the time. The primary activities that UAD is engaged in include: performing accessibility assessments and audits, preparing and presenting recommendations, reviewing blueprints and crafting universal accessibility design criteria manuals.

UAD also provides consultancy services that include: interfacing with project stakeholders, public information sessions related to client projects, and educating designers, engineers, and other staff. 

Education services provide by UAD are simulation training and disability awareness training.

UAD considers the 7 Principles of Universal Design to be fundamental to creating inclusive communities and an inclusive built environment. 


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