Dylan Ramsay


Associate - Building Certifications, Paceline Advisors Limited

Serviced Area(s): Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba

Designated RHFAC Professional since November 2018

email: dylan@pacelineadvisors.ca   |   phone: 1-306-956-3350

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Dylan graduated Civil Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan in 2015. He worked for the City of Saskatoon from 2011 to 2018 where he held numerous positions. Dylan acted as both an Engineering Technician and an Engineering Technologist in the Construction & Design Department, and later moved to an Operations Engineer role in the Transportation Department. He then moved to Paceline Advisors Limited in September of 2018 to help create an Accessibility branch within the company. Dylan become an RHFAC Professional in November of 2018 and is currently working with his team to bring the RHFAC program to the prairies.

Paceline Advisors Limited

Paceline is committed in helping organizations create barrier-free environments. They are experts in the developing field of accessibility and have Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) Accessibility Certification Professionals that conduct on-site or design drawing assessments that measures a facility’s level of meaningful access. Paceline offers RHF Accessibility Certifications and provides guidance in the design stage of building development to aid in making your facility accessible for everyone. 


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