1. Who is eligible to apply for funding through the BC Accessibility Grants Program?

Any non-profit or for-profit commercial, institutional, or multi-family residential building in BC that has completed an RHFAC rating can apply for funding:

  • Commercial spaces include retail shops, offices, industrial sites;
  • Institutional spaces include schools, recreation centres, trails and pathways; and
  • Multi-unit residential spaces include condominium entrances and shared common areas.

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2. What accessibility improvement projects are eligible for funding?

An accessibility improvement project must:

  • be made to a site that has received an RHFAC rating;
  • result in tangible and permanent improvements for people with disabilities in the built environment;
  • be used for improvements to existing sites only (not for new construction);
  • be completed within six months to one year of funds approval, depending on the round; and
  • receive matched funding (applies to for-profit applicants only).

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3. Why do I need to get an assessment before I apply for funding?

The RHFAC rating will provide a snapshot of the overall accessibility of a given site by a RHFAC Professional. The rating will therefore help highlight the key areas of improvement, which organizations can use to help determine what accessibility improvement project to undertake.

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4. How are applications evaluated?

An independent review committee will evaluate applications based on the extent to which the proposed accessibility improvement project:

  • Is a sustainable and appropriate solution,
  • Will make a difference to and impact people with disabilities,
  • Incorporates feedback from your site’s RHFAC rating scorecard,
  • Provides value for money, and
  • Will ensure funding is geographically distributed across BC.

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5. When do applications need to be submitted?

Applications may be submitted multiple rounds. Please see below for full list of dates.

Round 1 Application deadline:
May 31, 2018
Applicant notification:
August 31, 2018
Project and final report completed by:
August 31, 2019
Round 2 Application deadline:
November 30, 2018
Applicant notification:
February 28, 2019
Project and final report completed by:
August 31, 2019
Round 3 Application deadline:
May 31, 2019
Applicant notification:
August 31, 2019
Project and final report completed by:
February 28, 2020

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6. When will I be notified if my application is successful?

See above chart for all applicable application, notification and project completion dates.

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7. What happens if I am unable to complete my approved project within the given timeline?

If you are unable to complete your approved BC Accessibility Grants project within the given timeline, due to extenuating circumstances, you may submit a completed BC Accessibility Grants Project Amendment Request Form for approval to bcgrants@rickhansen.com. Please be sure to clearly outline the deadline extension request in the form. We will be in touch via email once we have reviewed your form. 

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8. Can I apply for another RHFAC rating after I complete my BC Accessibility Grant improvement project? 

Yes, you are welcome to apply for additional RHFAC ratings after completing your project. Please be advised that we are no longer offering complimentary ratings. Read our Guide to Certification for more information on the registration process, including the fee structure.  

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9. Who do I contact to find out more about the BC Accessibility Grants Program?

Please email bcgrants@rickhansen.com to find out more about the BC Accessibility Grants Program.

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