How can an Ambassador presentation support our education materials?

We believe that Ambassador presentations have the greatest impact when delivered together with other elements of the Rick Hansen Foundation School Program.

This complete approach will encourage more meaningful dialogue where students can fully understand the importance of inclusion, and be provided with the tools to implement change in their own school and community.

  • Ambassadors can emphasize the potential of anyone to make a positive difference in the world through skills such as perseverance and determination. The presentation can serve as an introduction to the Rick Hansen Difference Maker Program, a one-month focus on difference making that includes lessons, projects, and supporting materials to empower students to be difference makers.
  • Ambassadors can speak powerfully to the importance of inclusion and the potential of people with disabilities. This is a perfect opportunity for your school to focus on these issues through our Abilities In Motion program – a selection of resources, including engaging lessons, activities, and videos that promote inclusion and understanding of disability, and provide a practical way of teaching leadership, communication, and team-building skills.
  • The Rick Hansen Foundation School Program also includes a selection of free-standing lessons and activities that teach students about Rick’s story, accessibility, inclusion, difference making, and personal leadership. Schools may choose to follow up or introduce an Ambassador presentation with one or more of these lessons.

"I know that students and staff alike were both moved and motivated by Steve's inspirational story."

Colleen Baxter, Citadel Elementary