Meet our Ambassadors: Jessica Kruger



Before her accident, Jessica was an active 14-year-old girl. She played basketball, softball and cheer led. She always dreamed of a profession where she could help people or animals—a veterinarian or a psychologist.

Jessica was working for a small painting company and found herself two stories up on a ladder when she fainted and fell to the ground, becoming a quadriplegic. In rehab, she dealt with the frustrations of living in a wheelchair, but soon realised that people in wheelchairs could do all the same things as someone able-bodied, just in a different way.
Photo of Jessica



There are only 10 women in Canada that play wheelchair rugby, aka Murderball. This fiercely competitive, contact sport was created by and for quadriplegics. Jessica is one of those 10 exceptional Canadian women. Her goal is to make the national wheelchair rugby team and to compete at an international level.

Murderball came to Jessica early in her recovery and she has been playing it ever since. Jessica has daily training and a high level of dedication in her drive to make the national team. There is a twinkle in her eye when people are taken aback that this beautiful, graceful, and feminine woman plays such an aggressive sport.
Jessica playing murderball Jessica playing murderball


Modelling & Baking

Jessica’s parents proudly display her newest magazine modelling spread on the entrance table. Last year, she was chosen as the model for Lise Watier’s perfume “Something Sweet” and her modelling career has just taken off from there.

Jessica’s love for BetsyJohnson dresses and great shoes are indicative of a girlie side she has always had. She also enjoys baking, decorating and trying new recipes. There is always something delicious on the kitchen counter and she doesn’t shy from whipping up a batch of her family’s favourite carrot cake cupcakes at short notice.


Friends & Family

Jessica has maintained close friendships throughout her life, including through her accident. Those friends define what best friends should be: caring, fun and loving. They bake, gossip and play Wii together and are closely invested in each other’s lives, providing support and a friendly ear when needed.

Jessica enjoys keeping tight relationships with those around her and being involved as much as is possible with her busy schedule. Her family means everything to her; Jessica’s mum says that Jessica and her sister were always inseparable, and still speak to each other on a daily basis, despite living in different countries.
Jessica on a boat Photos of Jessica and her family


Core Message

Jessica believes that people should be well rounded and pursue as many things that interest them as possible. She firmly dedicates herself to the goals and dreams that drive her forward.

Jessica knows that having a team beside you, whether a rugby team or family and friends, makes you stronger and more accountable for your actions and outcomes.
Jessica with her dog