BC Accessibility Grants Program

Receive up to $20,000 to improve the accessibility of your location!

What is the BC Accessibility Grants Program?

Organizations that have been rated through the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility CertificationTM (RHFAC) program can apply for funding of up to $20,000 to complete an accessibility improvement project (see sample projects).

An accessibility improvement project must:

  • be made to a building or site that has received an RHFAC rating;
  • result in tangible and permanent improvements for people with disabilities in the built environment;
  • be used for improvements to existing buildings only (not for new construction); and
  • be completed within one year of funds approval.

Have you been RHFAC rated?
Apply for
$20,000 in funding!

Who’s eligible?

Any non-profit or for-profit* commercial, institutional, or multi-unit residential site in BC that has completed an RHFAC rating can apply for funding. This includes:

  • Commercial spaces such as retail shops, offices, industrial sites;
  • Institutional spaces such as schools, recreation centres, trails and pathways; and
  • Multi-unit residential spaces such as condominium entrances and shared common areas.

*RHF will fund 50% of a for-profit’s accessibility improvement project (to a maximum of $20,000), and the for-profit business must match the RHF grant amount.

How it works

There are five steps to applying for funding through the BC Accessibility Grants Program.

  1. Book and complete your RHFAC rating.

    Thanks to the generous support of the Government of BC, we are conducting free ratings of approximately 1,100 sites within BC. Due to the overwhelming support of organizations across the province we are at capacity and currently not accepting new registrations for free ratings. If you're interested in being placed on a wait list, please complete the Wait List Form.

  2. Download your Rating Scorecard.

    After your location is rated, you’ll receive notification from the RHFAC Registry that your Rating Scorecard is ready. Download and submit your scorecard with your BC Accessibility Grants Program application.

  3. Complete and submit the BC Accessibility Grants Program application.

    Use our online application system to submit an application by:

  4. Receive notice of successful application status and complete project

    If your application is successful, you must complete your accessibility improvement project within one year of funding approval.

  5. Complete your final report and submit your receipts.
    Once your improvement project is completed, complete and submit your final report and all invoices and receipts to RHF for reimbursement.

Application timelines

The BC Accessibility Grants Program will be available in multiple rounds. Please see below for the full list of dates.

Round 1 Application deadline:
May 31, 2018
Applicant notification:
August 31, 2018
Project and final report completed by:
August 31, 2019
Round 2 Application deadline:
November 30, 2018
Applicant notification:
February 28, 2019
Project and final report completed by:
February 28, 2020
Round 3 Application deadline:
May 31, 2019
Applicant notification:
August 31, 2019
Project and final report completed by:
February 28, 2020

Have questions? Read our BC Accessibility Grants Program FAQ.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support for this Program from the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction.