Schools making a difference in the lives of young people with disabilities

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Since 2003, schools taking part in the Rick Hansen Foundation School Program have raised over $115,000 to help change the lives of young people with disabilities.
Funds raised are used to improve the quality of life for school-aged children and teenagers with disabilities across Canada, for example through:
  • Home modifications;
  • Recreation programs;
  • Sports and all-terrain wheelchairs;
  • Vehicle hand controls and assistive devices; and
  • Wheelchair ramps.

These initiatives provide greater independence and improve social connections as they allow greater community participation for young people living with disabilities.

If your school would like to raise awareness of the potential of people with disabilities and improve accessibility and inclusion, take a look at Fundraising is entirely optional, but if your school should choose to do so, you can be sure that the funds you raise will have a real and lasting impact on the lives of young people with disabilities across Canada!

Find out more about how funds raised are changing lives


Brandon Brubacher

An adaptive adult tricycle allowed him to enjoy exercise
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Renee Lamont

A home renovation gave independence and supports rehabilitation
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Brandon Perger

A sports wheelchair opened the door to a social world of sport
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Eva von Flotow

An all-terrain wheelchair meant freedom to see friends and enjoy the outdoors
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Creating brightly coloured ramps for local communities
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"It’s wonderful that students can care about others and want to help where they can."

- Dorothy Brubacher, Brandon's mom, ON
"It is often the seemingly minor things that make a huge difference. Our thanks go to the Rick Hansen Foundation and all of the generous donors who help those in need."

- Lynn von Flotow, Eva’s mom, YK