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What We Do

Since 1988, the Rick Hansen Foundation has been actively improving the lives of people with disabilities, changing perceptions and removing visible and invisible barriers. Our goal is to create an inclusive world where people with disabilities can reach their full potential.

Today, there are more than one billion people living in the world with some form of a disability, and the numbers are growing. Around the world, people with disabilities not only face physical barriers but also social, economic and attitudinal barriers. We provide solutions.

Our Results:

  • More accessible physical spaces and modes of transportation
  • More services and programs for those with disabilities
  • Increased awareness and solutions for issues facing people with disabilities
  • Improved medical treatment for those with spinal cord and related injuries

More needs to happen so that one day we can achieve a fully inclusive world for people of all abilities. Learn how you can get involved.

To fulfill our vision, we support a number of important initiatives:

Blusson Spinal Cord Centre

The Blusson Spinal Cord Centre brings together the International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries, the Vancouver Coastal Health Spine Program and the Rick Hansen Institute under one roof. This first-of-its-kind partnership is accelerating progress in finding a cure to paralysis after an SCI.
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The Rick Hansen Institute

Formed in 2007, the Rick Hansen Institute (RHI) connects scientists, researchers and clinicians to accelerate spinal cord research findings into practical solutions. These solutions are improving the care, health and quality of life for individuals living with an SCI.
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An effort to build a more inclusive society,planat is an online ratings tool that allows you to submit and obtain reviews on the accessibility of buildings and public spaces.
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Quality of Life Initiatives

The Foundation funds opportunities to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and to advance accessibility in communities across Canada. This includes funding for wheelchair ramps, home modifications, recreation programs and local accessibility projects.
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Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports

To increase the availability of wheelchair and adaptive sports, the Foundation funds programs across Canada for children and adults living with disabilities. Giving greater access to sports empowers them to believe they can actively participate in their community.
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Rick Hansen School Program

Using Rick Hansen’s story as the backdrop, the School Program fosters social responsibility and teaches about courage and determination through lesson plans and resources. A unique awards program recognizes students who make a positive difference in the lives of others.
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