Teaching Strategies for Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning recognizes educators that many teaching strategies and materials that were originally designed for students with learning needs benefit many students. For example, the use of a visual schedule to support students who are hard-of-hearing also will enhance learning for all students who learn visually. We have included some links to instructional strategies designed for Universal Design.

Necessary for some, Good for all.

Strategy Gallery: A gallery of specific instructional strategies from the B.C. Ministry of education, providing rich instructional strategy suggestions.

Teach UDL: Self-guided module on using UDL principles to develop teaching methods and learning activities from the B.C. Ministry of Education.

Task Cards: Several instructional strategies are suggested to address different learning styles.

Instruction Strategies:Scroll through to find many options for providing learning strategies to address diverse classrooms.

Top Ten Differentiated Instruction Strategies: Try a few strategies for biggest impact.

Choice Boards: Choice boards offer a method to assess students using multiple means of representation and various learning styles.

Using Technology and Multiple Intelligences: Technology can be useful for supporting different learning styles.

Foldables: What Why and How: Foldables provide hands on activities for learning and assessment. The link explain how to create a foldable and how they can be implemented.