Universal Design For Learning

What is Universal Design for Learning and why is it important?

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an effective approach for addressing the learning needs of all students in the diverse classrooms of today. Using a UDL approach can reduce and eliminate barriers to student learning. UDL provides a blueprint for designing strategies, materials and tools to reach and teach students with diverse needs.

We have assembled some resources that can help you plan and implement inclusive education practices and strategies using the UDL framework.

Click on the Planning button to learn how to:
  1. Get to know your students
  2. Develop student and class profiles
  3. Plan lessons and units
Teaching Strategies
Click on the Teaching Strategies button to learn about UDL strategies including:
  1. Environmental, instructional and assessment accommodations
  2. Choice Boards
  3. Differentiated Instruction task cards
Are you unsure about how to get started?

Click on the Tips button for our top ten tips on how to make your classroom inclusive and accessible.