Rachel Beaudette

Rachel Beaudette

A hero is an ordinary person doing extraordinary things

An inspirational Difference Maker, Rachel Beaudette from Manitoba has been involved in many diverse charitable activities at her school and in her community.

Rachel is an active member of Pathfinders, has raised funds and participated in the Cancer Relay for Life, collected food for the Samaritan House and clothing for the Women’s Shelter, and canvassed for the Cancer Society.

Helping others at school and in the community

Rachel displays strong leadership qualities, and is happy to take on responsibility for projects. During a recent Down's Syndrome Buddy Walk, she was in charge of play areas for all the children who were involved, ensuring that everyone was safe and happy.

"She is always quick to lend a helping hand and act as a mentor for younger children," says Barbara Miller, Principal at Alexander School.

Like Rick Hansen, Rachel cares for the environment and wants to create a healthy, sustainable world. She recently took a leadership role as her school collected plastic bags to recycle. A wonderfully creative project, these bags were made into frisbees and handed out to encourage recycling as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Recognised for commitment to volunteering

In recognition of her commitment to volunteerism, Rachel was awarded a leadership plaque for the last two years.  It was this determination to create positive change in her community that led to her nomination to take part in the Rick Hansen Relay.

"Rachel was chosen as a medal bearer because she exemplifies the hard work, determination, and the altruistic spirit that it takes to make a difference in our community," says Barbara. "When Rachel is asked what a hero is, she will tell you that it is ordinary people doing extraordinary things." Rachel certainly lives up to that description.

We congratulate Rachel as she continues to receive many awards and achievements, and hope that her story will inspire others to be leaders in their communities.

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