Meet our Difference Makers

Difference Makers are people just like you - everyday Canadians doing amazing things. This page will tell you more about just some of the wonderful Difference Makers out there. We hope they will inspire and motivate you.

And if you've done something to make a difference, or know someone who has - tell us at We would love to hear your story.


Carolyn West

Carolyn West, a resource teacher at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Winnipeg, Manitoba, believes it’s educators’ responsibility to mold their school into a community where all students can experience life to the fullest.
“It’s my job to make education accessible to all students, regardless of their situation – this is why the topic of accessibility is so important to me,” says Carolyn. “School-wide accessibility is something we all need to look at.”
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Alex Otis

"Even if someone has a disability like me, they are actually able to do anything".

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Hannah Taylor

Five year old Hannah Taylor set out to make life better for homeless people in her community.

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Ahmed Abdullah

"I believe we should all stand up and speak up when we see someone getting hurt."

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Image of Emerald

Emerald Yun

"I felt good because I was helping other people"

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Image of Emily

Emily Tate

Emily spent a day in a wheelchair to help people learn about accessibility.

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Image of Jessica

Jessica Rideout

"I really enjoy connecting with other visually impaired students and helping out in any way I can."

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Image of Dylan Spetz and Eric Hattum

Dylan Spetz and Eric Hattum

Two boys who have changed people's perceptions of autism and each other's lives.

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Image of Tyler

Tyler Sparkes

"Rick reminds us to turn the obstacles we face into something good"

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Image of Gareth

Gareth Rice

Like Rick, Gareth, who has cerebral palsy, overcomes obstacles with a positive attitude

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Image of Sam

Sam Tilden

"I show that it is possible to have an amazing life. Even if I can't walk."

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Image of Shannen

Shannen Head

Shannen wants to be a teacher and has made a difference by teaching in Canada and Dominica.

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Image of Nicole

Nicole Panipakoocho

Nicole volunteers with the Kamatsiaqtut Help Line, a source of support and inspiration.

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Image of Rachel Beaudette

Rachel Beaudette

Rachel is involved in many charitable activities from food collections to relays.

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Image of Manraj Sidhu

Manraj Sidhu

Diagnosed with cancer in grade 11, Manraj now volunteers to support young people with cancer

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Image of Katie Elsey

Katie Elsey

Katie is in Grade 5 and already a dedicated fundraiser, participating in the MS Walk and zumbathons.

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Image of Carolyn Chandler

Carolyn Chandler

Carolyn, a student from PEI, used music to take a stand against bullying.

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Image of Sierra Roth

Sierra Roth

Sierra inspired her class at school to raise funds for the Rick Hansen Foundation through a Significant Objects Experiment.

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Image of Jill Martens

Jill Martens

Jill Martens, an inspirational young woman from Boissevain, Manitoba, is the proud recipient of the Atsede Hobbs "Living out Loud" Rick Hansen Difference Maker Scholarship for 2014.

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Image of Maura del Medico

Maura Del Medico

In 2015, the Rick Hansen Foundation School Program named Maura Del Medico of Ontario as our Difference Maker of the Year for her efforts to enhance the social environment of her school and help her fellow students.

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Image of Luke Harris and Ges Bushe

Luke Harris

With his new initiative Run 4 the Health of It, Luke is an athlete turned advocate – he’s encouraging high schools across BC to include students with special needs in both Cross Country and Track & Field teams.

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Image of Luke Harris and Ges Bushe

Hayden Kalelest

In 2016, the Rick Hansen Foundation School Program named Hayden Kalelest of Williams Lake, BC as our Difference Maker of the Year for his perseverance, courage and leadership.

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