Abilities In Motion

AIM Day at McBride Secondary
"When someone in a wheelchair is on the street, I will not look at them with pity, I am now able to look at them with understanding, appreciation and respect."

– Lauren, Grade five student,
McBride Elementary School

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Raise student awareness about the importance of accessibility and inclusion and the potential of people with disabilities.

Abilities In Motion is a set of toolkits that are a fun and highly effective way for elementary and secondary schools to:

  • Raise awareness and increase understanding of physical, visual and hearing disabilities;
  • Help students identify and understand how to resolve accessibility challenges for people with disabilities;
  • Support a culture of inclusion, where all students accept differences and are best positioned to succeed;
  • Increase understanding of the potential of people with physical disabilities;
  • Provide opportunities to develop communication, teamwork, mentoring skills, creative thinking skills and foster an understanding of social responsibility.

Elementary (Pre-K-8)

Abilities In Motion is a toolkit of resources that raise awareness of disability, accessibility and inclusion. The toolkit includes hands-on lessons and activities for grades Pre-K to grade 8. These resources align with and support key education priorities and provincial curricula.

Abilities In Motion has been designed to be very flexible in order to meet the needs of different schools and groups. The resources can be used in many ways:

  • As stand-alone lessons and activities or consecutively for any duration of days and/or weeks;
  • By a whole school or by a specific student group, grade, department or individual classroom.


Watch this short video to get started using Abilities in Motion in your classroom:


Secondary (8-12)

A toolkit of resources that raise awareness of disabilities, accessibility and inclusion to teach key skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership using innovation, inquiry and problem-solving. The toolkit includes lessons and hands-on projects in the curriculum areas of Design and Technology, Science, English Language Arts\Media Literacy, Physical Education and Social Studies.

Students learn about disability and some of the barriers faced by people with disabilities. Students then use their skills to create innovative solutions to specific challenges faced by people with disabilities. Teachers can use the suggested Challenges and Projects, as well as the Inquire & Innovate section of the toolkit to allow students to create their own challenges or projects.

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Abilities In Motion elementary cover

  • Comprehensive teacher guides including lessons and activities for grades pre-K/K to 8;
  • A guide to coordinating an AIM event;
  • Books;
  • Assembly outlines;
  • Videos;
  • Posters;
  • Bookmarks for students... and more!
Abilities In Motion secondary cover

  • An overview
  • Assessment tools
  • Teacher guides
  • A 'Create your own challenge or Project' unit
  • Ready-made curriculum-based lessons, challenges and projects
  • Case studies and additional resources
Abilities In Motion focuses on vision, hearing and physical disabilities, as these disabilities are often the most easily understood by students. However, we recognize that there may be people at your school or in your community who have other disabilities, including learning, cognitive or neurological disabilities. The core principles of awareness, accessibility and inclusion apply to all disabilities, and to broader issues such as gender and race. We hope that Abilities in Motion will support your school’s culture of inclusion for everyone.

Fundraising is entirely optional, but if your school would like to raise funds to support our work in breaking down barriers for people with disabilities you can learn how funds raised by schools are used here.

Did you know?

While awareness building is the main objective of the program, since 2003, schools have raised over $115,000 to improve the quality of life of people living with disabilities. Read more about how these funds change lives.