Rick Hansen Institute

The Rick Hansen Institute, an innovation established and funded by the Rick Hansen Foundation, is guided by the vision of a world without paralysis after a spinal cord injury (SCI).

To achieve this goal, we connect scientists and clinicians in Canada and around the world. Together, these leaders in spinal cord research are improving the treatment and care of people living with an SCI.

We support projects that will reduce long-term costs, improve quality of life, and achieve the greatest impact in:

  • Reducing the incidence and severity of permanent paralysis after an SCI
  • Increasing the restoration of physical recovery of those with an SCI
  • Decreasing the occurrence of secondary health complications related to an SCI

Thanks to expanded knowledge of how the spinal cord works, novel breakthroughs are improving the care for thousands of people living with an SCI.

With greater collaboration, we will make even more progress. In the coming years, we will:

  • Expand our global database around the world so that more information will assist researchers in making significant discoveries
  • Facilitate research studies to deepen an understanding of SCI and investigate improved treatments
  • Disseminate best practices knowledge to medical professionals that will improve the care of those living with an SCI

The impact of our work will move us closer to the day when children and adults with paralysis will be able to walk again.

Learn more about the progress the Rick Hansen Institute is making in the field of SCI research, treatment and care in Canada and around the world.

More about RHI: Summative Evaluation Report of RHI Initiatives Funded by Health Canada (PDF)