The Global Access and Inclusion Hub

The Global Access & Inclusion Hub

The Global Access and Inclusion Hub (the Hub), presented by the Rick Hansen Foundation, is an online global platform where professionals and organizations can connect, communicate, and collaborate on the complex issues of accessibility and inclusion.

All across the globe, diverse groups and individuals are working to create a more accessible and inclusive world for the over 1.1 billion of the world’s population that lives with some form of disability, including 3.8 million people in Canada. The Hub helps bring these people and groups together.

Bringing together accessibility change-makers

Designed as an easy-to-use resource for anyone working on (or interested in) accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities, the Hub is a place for government, advocates, non-profits, and private organizations to come together to share and apply diverse knowledge, experience, and creativity to overcome societal barriers to an inclusive world.

Hub users can define a specific problem they’re tackling, whether it’s lack of legislation, building codes, or best practices in creating accessible public spaces, and can connect and collaborate with other users to discover tools, identify models for success, and develop action plans.

Special features

On the Hub, users can access and post in:

  • a Resource Centre to find and share best practices, toolkits and learnings;
  • a Network Catalogue of hundreds of active access and inclusion global organizations to connect with and follow;
  • an Events Calendar to locate and post conferences or workshops;
  • a Forum for public or private consultation and community discussion panels; and
  • a Blog to share stories, white papers and the latest news.

Visit the Hub to register an account and start collaborating towards a more accessible and inclusive world today!