Accessibility Services

Need tailored advice on becoming accessible? Our accessibility experts can help.

RHF offers a full spectrum of services for the built environment, as well as disability awareness training for businesses and communities.

Our services include:

Assessments for New Construction Projects

Consulting on new construction and retrofit projects – from pre-design to commissioning and transition planning.

Assessments for Existing Built Environment

Reviewing an existing facility to determine its current level of accessibility and provide recommendations for improvement.

Accessibility Design Criteria Manual

Creating a customized Accessibility Design Criteria Manual to ensure best practices are followed throughout the project development process and for future renovations.

Accessibility Training

Disability Simulation Training “Ramping Minds”

Staff and management can gain an understanding of the barriers challenging people with disabilities every day by experiencing these barriers firsthand through simulation training.

Disability Awareness Training “Respect Ability”

Participants can gain an understanding of disability issues, the scope of disability in the community, and the impact that disability in the aging population is having on both public and private facilities.

Research Services

Businesses can book onsite monitoring and analysis, and a summary report of key findings and related design guidelines based on user-experience and beta-testing studies.

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