We are excited to announce that RHF is launching a national initiative with the participation of the Government of Canada to inspire and empower Canadians to build a more inclusive and accessible Canada in honour of our nation’s 150th birthday. Read more>
When someone has a physical disability, there are supports in our healthcare system. But when a partner becomes a caregiver, there are fewer resources available. Here are some self-care tips for partner caregivers. Read more>
Imagine not being able to work because you can’t enter an office building, use a standard desk, or see or read a computer screen. Unfortunately this is a very common occurrence for many people with disabilities.
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Over 3.8 million Canadians currently have some form of disability affecting their mobility, vision, or hearing, and this is projected to increase in the coming years as our population ages. Making your business accessible for people of all abilities not only increases your customer base and makes... Read more>
How can we start a real conversation about dating, intimacy and disability?
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