We are excited to announce that RHF is launching a national initiative with the participation of the Government of Canada to inspire and empower Canadians to build a more inclusive and accessible Canada in honour of our nation’s 150th birthday. Read more>
Booking a hotel is often one of the most important and difficult decisions you’ll make when it comes to organizing your vacation. Booking a wheelchair accessible hotel is an added challenge that requires more time and research to identify one that best meets your needs. Read more>
We're excited to launch the Global Access and Inclusion Hub, a curated online global platform connecting people who share the same vision for an accessible world, and helping them tackle access and inclusion problems in Canada and around the world.  Read more>
Most people know that service dogs provide help to visually- or hearing-impaired individuals with daily tasks, but in addition to these familiar assistance animals, therapy dogs have become an important way to helping those in recovery, rehabilitation, and more. Read more>
"Everyone has different abilities and capabilities. People have challenges in other areas that cannot be seen. My challenges happen to be physical. That's why awareness is so important." Read more>
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