The holiday shopping season is upon us, which means that the malls are packed. How can wheelchair users escape unscathed? Here are some secret tricks. Read more>

What is accessibility and what do you need to do to become accessible? The term is unclear to many but can be categorized into three ways: theoretical, actual, and erosion of access.

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The Toronto Pan Am Sports Venue is an incredible model for accessibility and sport, bringing together innovations in architecture and athletics under one roof.  Read more>
For Deepi Leihl, one single trip to the movies was all it took to inspire her to start speaking out. Born with metatropic dwarfism, Deepi has faced many challenges in her life, but she doesn’t believe that going to see a movie should be one of them. Read more>
Rick Hansen reminisces on the day that changed his life, the people who made a difference, the progress since then, and the challenges still faced by the physically disabled. Read more>