RHF staff working in our accessible office
Imagine not being able to work because you can’t enter an office building, use a standard desk, or see or read a computer screen. Unfortunately this is a very common occurrence for many people with disabilities.
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Over 3.8 million Canadians currently have some form of disability, and this is projected to increase as our population ages. Making your business accessible for people of all abilities makes good economic senses and helps to create a more inclusive society. Read more>
How can we start a real conversation about dating, intimacy and disability?
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Booking a hotel is one of the most important and costly decisions you’ll make when it comes to organizing your vacation. Booking a wheelchair accessible hotel is an added challenge that requires even more time and research. Read on for some helpful tips. Read more>
We're excited to launch the Global Access and Inclusion Hub, a curated online global platform connecting people who share the same vision for an accessible world, and helping them tackle access and inclusion problems in Canada and around the world.  Read more>
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