Sharon was born with a number of challenges but never gave up working on making herself stronger and better. She is about to launch her new book. Read her story. 
RHF medal bearer Sharon Rowe launches first book
RHF medal bearer Sharon Rowe launches first book

Meet Sharon Rowe, who describes herself as a walking miracle and difference maker. Of course, we agree! Sharon has been involved in Rick Hansen’s journey since his original Man In Motion World Tour and participated in the 25th Anniversary as a medal bearer. We’re so proud to hear about her incredible accomplishments, including the launch of her first book this week. All are welcome to attend the launch! 

When: Friday, January 16, 10:30 -11: 15 a.m.

Where: Surrey Centre Library, (The Readability Class)
10350 University Drive, Surrey, B.C.

A walking miracle and difference maker: Sharon’s story


I was born with a number of challenges but never gave up working on making myself stronger and better.

I would like to tell you a bit about my association with Rick Hansen and his foundation.  Twenty six years ago, I was going to Gulf Island Secondary and was involved in fundraising along with my friend Brad and others for the Rick Hansen around the World Tour.  Brad and I were chosen to deliver the Gulf Islands check to him in Vancouver as he was winding up his tour. We left Salt Spring Island with two teachers and went to Vancouver where we stayed overnight at a school and then went to the arena to give him the check. There were so many people, music and much entertainment .We gave him the check and came back home. We were so proud to have been selected. On Salt Spring I was called a “Walking Miracle” because I never gave up.

I was so happy be chosen to be one of the Canadian Difference Makers in the 25th anniversary of the Rick Hanson Tour. I treasure my medal and uniform. It has given me confidence and helps me to keep on going. I wear the pants all the time and they are great!

Back now to tell you a bit about my life:  37 years ago, I moved in with my foster mom and her family for a month, it turned out to be a very long month. I have two foster nieces and nephews as well as a foster sister and brother. I am very proud of them all.

My baby (Tom the cat) is named Sir Thomas Rigg Kimball after an ancestor. He wakes me up at 5 a.m. yelling for food and pets.

My long term friend Jeremy has become a boyfriend also and I love to talk about him.

I graduated from Gulf Island Secondary and then we moved to Victoria so I could go to school at Victoria Vocational College and then on to Vancouver Community College.  I have always done a lot of volunteer work and have received a number of awards. 

I also go to Day Program where I see Jeremy and work in the kitchen on Wednesdays; I even get paid for it. I still travel back forth by HandyDART.

Right now, I am finishing my first book of HandyDART Stories called the Big Bessie Stories which are a labor of love from my foster mom and a team of volunteers. I also have a wonderful illustrator Kwame who is from Ghana but is now studying at SFU.

When my book is out, I hope to start doing some workshops to help people find their creative voice like I did. I have to dictate my stories and plan the beginning, middle and ending in my head before telling them.

My Big Bessie stories have been read in libraries, colleges and many other places. Right now, they are being read at the Surrey Centre Library to a special class. I am learning signing and participated in a short video.

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