Marion Croft would like to see barriers break down for people with disabilities everywhere.
7 Questions with RHF Ambassador Marion Croft
7 Questions with RHF Ambassador Marion Croft
Meet Rick Hansen Foundation ambassador Marion Croft. She is passionate about sharing barrier-free living and functional accessibility accommodation within the disabled community. She is also a motivational, inspirational speaker and has received “Distinguished Toastmaster” and “Division Governor of the Year” within Toastmasters International. Marion has been an Ambassador with the foundation for the past 10 years and looks forward to continuing to assist in Rick Hansen’s dream of creating a barrier-free world for people with disabilities.

1. Describe yourself in a few words. 
Happy, contented, passionate, willing.

2. What are you most passionate about? 
I am passionate about breaking down barriers for all people with disabilities everywhere.

3. If you could change anything in the world, what would it be? 
Attitudes towards disabled people. 

4. What is your favourite quote?
Lincoln Alexander is quoted as saying: "At the end of one’s life it’s not about the years in one’s life but the life in the years."

5. Describe a challenge you have overcome? 
I have had 23 surgeries in my lifetime and I am now doing better than I ever have. My attitude towards my faith, my doctors and my family has given me the support I need.

6. If you could remove one barrier what would it be? 
I would change systemic barriers within the disabled community. This would eliminate the begging, pleading, fighting, promoting when it comes to initiating a barrier free world.

7. What are you most grateful for? 
I am grateful that I can still help others. There is always someone worse off if you look around.

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