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Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society (FRSCS)

Rick Hansen founded the FRSCS in 1997 in response to the declining population of the prehistoric white sturgeon – a species that had survived virtually unchanged for 65 million years.

Under his leadership, the Society brought together a diverse community of stakeholders to collaborate and plan a course of action to save the Fraser River white sturgeon. He invited leaders from a vast array of backgrounds, including government, First Nations, researchers and educators, as well as fisherman from the commercial and recreational fishing sectors.

Collectively, they identified the top priorities as fish mortality, habitat protection, new fishing technology and the recruitment of juvenile fish stocks. The Society has built an award-winning monitoring and assessment program to address these priorities based on establishing the following principles:

- The development and implementation of volunteer stewardship activities

- Education and public awareness initiatives

- Conducting research and communicating the results

- Professionally addressing key issues facing sturgeon with appropriate actions

To learn more about the FRSCS, and to donate to their grassroots efforts, visit www.frasersturgeon.com.

The Sturgeon Conservation Stamp

“Rick Hansen’s persistence and dedication to saving the Fraser River sturgeon reminds me of the resilience of this species. His wonderful ability to bring everyone together towards the common goal of conservation of this magnificent fish gives us hope for the future.” -Mary-Sue Atkinson - Director of the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society

In 2008, Rick led the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society (FRSCS) in partnering with the British Columbia Ministry of the Environment to create the Sturgeon Conservation Stamp. The stamp is a basic license that must be purchased by all anglers who are going to fish for sturgeon.

All the revenue accumulated from the sale of these Sturgeon Conservation Stamps is used to support sturgeon research.