Tour Timeline

On March 21, 1985 the Man In Motion World Tour wave an emotional goodbye to the crowd at Oakridge Mall to begin a historical journey that would take Rick and his team over 40,000 km (24,000 miles), through 34 countries – raising awareness for persons with disabilities.

The Tour attracts its first national media attention within minutes of its start – but not for the reason the team would have hoped. The large metal box nailed to the top of the motor home hit the roof of a tight exit tunnel at Oakridge, crashing down and flattening Rick’s only extra wheelchair.

The start of the Tour is difficult: long days, physical exhaustion, bad weather. Everything is new to the team. Over the next three weeks, Rick wheels through Washington, and over the rainy mountain top passes in Oregon. Cheered on by honking truck drivers and school kids, Rick wheels up 2,000 feet to the formidable Oregon Siskiyou Summit. From here, a new chapter of the Tour is about to begin: sunny California.