Raising awareness, changing attitudes and removing barriers for people with disabilities in the built environment

Tim Frick, Coach, Tour Coordinator

To prepare for the Tour, Tim worked with Rick for eight months in physical training, as well as logistics, such as figuring out how many tubes, tires and pairs of gloves would be needed. He helped with sponsorship and marketing to garner the necessary support to fund the Tour, and brought in a sport psychologist to help with the mental preparation.

He says: “You take great joy in seeing athletes succeed. Rick, being an athlete and me, being primarily a coach by nature, meant that I took great joy in the things he was accomplishing.”

For Tim, Rick had identified a tremendous need: to increase the awareness and value of sport in people’s lives for people of all abilities. That motivated him to want to make a change for the better in society.

Tim’s low point was in Scandinavia. The advance route planning had to be re-done due to changes in the schedule. To get this planning done, Tim drove the route for the upcoming three days, reconfiguring the Tour’s journey for Rick’s departure the next day. Extreme sleep deprivation, however, eventually took its toll and Tim decided to return to Canada.

While Tim left the Tour part-way through Europe, he was ecstatic to re-join the Team as they rolled into British Columbia. Tim has continued to coach and be involved in wheelchair sports. He has also worked as Head Coach for the national Woman’s Wheelchair Basketball Team – three-time Paralympic and four-time World Champions.