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Robin-Lee Gibson, Cook In Motion,
Jack of all Trades

Robin-Lee loved to cook, so when Rick invited him to take a year off his job, go around the world and cook for the Man In Motion World Tour, it wasn’t a difficult decision. The challenge was learning to support Rick’s regime. He says, “I went into it blind, and came out knowing exactly what Rick needed to eat and when.”

In some countries, finding food was difficult. In Poland, with ration coupons from the Canadian Embassy, Robin-Lee went into markets to barter. At the time, coupons were needed to buy almost everything. Once, Robin-Lee even sold his jeans to secure necessary supplies. On leaving the country, Robin donated the Tour’s extra coupons to the family of the team’s interpreter. They were so grateful that the father cried.

On a typical day, Robin-Lee prepared fruit-blended drinks for breakfast, usually with eggs and wheat germ. Main meals consisted of fish or skinless chicken, potatoes, beans or corn and water.

His resourcefulness in obtaining food supplies became a Tour highlight. He’d call his Mom and Dad in Port Alberni to send freshly caught and canned sockeye salmon. Sometimes, Uncle Marvin added a moose roast or home-made pies and off they went to a Canadian Embassy somewhere around the world waiting for the Cook In Motion to pick them up.

Robin-Lee’s fondest memories are of the children they met around the world. He recalled that “the kids came out, welcomed us and cheered us on; they organized penny drives, bake sales, car washes and so much more and that’s what it’s all about really, isn’t it? They carry the torch.”

Robin-Lee Gibson went on to own his own successful catering company – Cook In Motion. He also worked as a Wheels In Motion event leader in Nanaimo, Parksville and Qualicum B.C. Leaving behind his beloved daughter Tiara Liann, Robin-Lee passed away in August of 2010.