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Mike Reid, Security for Rick & Tour, Equipment Assistant

Mike admits he was only vaguely aware of the Man In Motion World Tour when his sister, Amanda, got involved. Mike was finishing his last semester at UBC and working on the B.C. Place Stadium security team, intending to open his own special events security company. When he called his Mom to tell her about his plans, she told him that Rick and Amanda wanted him on the road crew.

At 24 years old, Mike could not pass up this opportunity to go around the world. A couple of days after talking with his mother, Mike hopped on a plane and went to join the Team in New Zealand. They were taking a Christmas break to tune up before getting back on the road – giving Mike time to settle in slowly. But when the Tour started up again, he quickly learned that this “down-time” was not the norm. The rigours of the pace, the demands that Rick placed first and foremost on himself – and the team – were gruelling.

Mike’s position was extremely demanding. He had to run along Rick and ensure his safety as well as that of the people around him. While he was dedicated to his role, Mike felt that this overtired crew needed some down time to enjoy the journey. So, on the evening of every third day (after all duties were completed), Mike and the Team would go out, meet people and have some fun.

Every day, Mike’s role as head of security was tested, and he quickly built strong relationships with the local police forces. A real point of pride for Mike is that despite the immense crowds, not one person was injured.

“There were times when I’d run beside Rick,” recalls Mike, “scooping up toddlers who would want to donate, or sit on his lap. There were no injuries, no accidents, no one got hurt. I’m so proud of the small role that I was able to play.”

Today, Mike is Vice-President, Resource and Development at the Rick Hansen Foundation. He is married and is the father of two beautiful boys.