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Amanda (Reid) Hansen, Physiotherapist, Terrain analyst, now Rick’s wife

Before the Man In Motion World Tour, Amanda had worked with Rick on an injury, getting him back into shape for training. Two weeks into the Tour, Rick called Amanda. He had injured his wrist and described what she knew to be tendonitis. He’d received treatments in Washington, but realized that the Tour needed a full-time physio – and Rick wanted it to be her. She agreed to join for only two weeks, but soon became a fully-fledged crew member who played a crucial role in the Tour’s success.

Amanda’s role evolved from tending to Rick’s injuries, to advising on the reconfiguration of the wheelchair each night. She and the crew developed a system of understanding terrain, weather conditions, wheelchair mechanics and Rick’s body.

As the Tour progressed, Rick and Amanda grew closer. “We had survived something quite extraordinary together, had seen the best and worst of each other under conditions that not every couple would have the opportunity to experience,” she recalls. “And yet, we weren’t able to be a couple… it wasn’t appropriate and it wasn’t what we were there for. But we couldn’t deny what had happened.”

During the Tour through New Brunswick, Rick proposed to Amanda. Having discussed their future, they both felt that they wanted to step into the next phase of their life together – even though they hadn’t quite finished this one.

Today Amanda sits on the Rick Hansen Foundation’s Board of Directors and is the co-host of the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon. The mother of three daughters, she is also Chair of the Parent Advisory Committee, as well as an honorary spokesperson and board member for Kids Help Phone in B.C.